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How to start a lucrative Catfish Farming in Nigeria (2020)

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Catfish farming in Nigeria
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Catfish Farming in Nigeria is one of the top 10 most lucrative agribusinesses in Nigeria or let me say in Africa as a whole but many are still yet to tap into this business idea. Anyone can start up this business in as far as you have deep knowledge about how to rear catfish.

This catfish farming business is of two types, those who hatch fish egg and rear till harvesting age, those who buy fingerlings and rear it till the harvesting period. However, no matter which you choose both is very lucrative.

Cat fish farming is one of the most lucrative business in Africa, So i will be guiding you on how to start a lucrative cat fish farming in nigeria.

The condition necessary for siting a fish pond

Whenever you wish to start a catfish farming business, the following condition should be in consideration:

  • Availability of water supply
  • The type of soil
  • Vegetation
  • Typography
  • Market
Availability of water supply

To start a catfish business your first priority should be water supply. If there is no available source of water this business will not thrive as we all know fish spends all their lifespan in water meaning without water they can not survive.

This type of water should be free from pollutants. Though there are many places you can get water to your pond which are; river, dam, stream or well.

Types of soil for catfish farming in Nigeria

Yes, you also need to consider the types of soil to use because it is all soil that is good for the fish farming business. The soil that is best for general fish farming is a heavy type that is impervious to water.

Such type of soil should have a good proportion of clay which will prevent seepage on the sides and bottom of the pond and also provide a good substrate for the growth of microscopic fish foods called plankton.


Vegetation for catfish farming in Nigeria

There should be a sensitive note on the side of grassland or areas with sparse vegetation. Never choose forest area as your catfish pond site because it increases the costs in terms of bulldozing and stumping.

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Incomplete clearing of the vegetative matter leads to their decay thus causing oxygen deficiency, high acidity and turbidity which affects fish growth and cause underdevelopment of the fish.


A levelled or undiluted land is the best for catfish farming business as steep slopes can cause erosion, flooding, possible collapse of the pond and possibly claim loss of fish in the pond.


This law should be applied to al start-up business, there should available market before you go ahead to start up any business idea.

You don’t just start up catfish business, ensure there is a market for your product around you. We all know fish is highly perishable unless it is processed and preserved.

Without wasting much time, let’s get hands in work and discuss together how to start a lucrative catfish farming business in Nigeria.

How to start a catfish farming Business in Nigeria

Catfish farming in Nigeria

Below are all that you need to get started rearing catfish in Nigeria:

  • Feasibility study on catfish business in Nigeria
  • Acquire prior knowledge before diving into catfish business
  • Gather your capital
  • Rent a pond for a start
  • Sacrifice your time and wait till the harvest period

Yes! If all points mentioned above are well followed you won’t have problem rearing your catfish. Let’s look at them one after the other.

Feasibility study on catfish farming Business in Nigeria

As we all know feasibility analysis is the act of checking whether a business idea will thrive in the market. So feasibility study on catfish farming in Nigeria should include the followings:

The feasibility study on catfish farming business in Nigeria should be the main consideration of; how much to start up the business which will require you to meet with those already in-game. They will explain better to you.

Also, you need to know the challenges you would face when you have already set up your catfish pond, the price of feeding the numbers of fish you intend to raise and so many more.

Acquire Prior Knowledge before diving into Catfish farming in Nigeria

In any business, we intend to start let us strive and acquire knowledge about the business even if it won’t be an in-depth one, at least experience matters!

Though there is way to start a catfish farming business without you having any prior knowledge on how to rear fish in a pond this option will require a lot of capital to start because you would need to employ experts to work for you.

However, if you have no cash to spend for workers you can as well strive to acquire the needful knowledge for the task. Meanwhile, I will recommend you one of the best ebooks for catfish farming business (pdf).

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Capital is the heart of a business, without capital there won’t be a business plan. Having a good start-up capital for catfish farming is the best way to plan your fish farming business in Nigeria.

At least for a small scale catfish farming in Nigeria, you would need up to N500,000.00 (500k) to start. This will cover pond renting fee, stocking of fingerlings, feedings and other kits you would need.

However it all depends on your location, 500k is not bad for a start and the profit is usually 2x of your investment. Meaning if you invest with 200k, you are going to accumulate 400k 0r 450k at the end of your harvesting.

The higher you invest in fish farming business the greater your chance!

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Rent a pond to start a Catfish farming in Nigeria

This is applicable only to those intending to start a small scale catfish farming in Nigeria. It is an additional charge if you intend to buy your own plot of land to kick start this business, so the best advice is to rent a pond.

Depending on your location, but a normal price to rent a pond per harvesting is 70k and above.

Sacrifice your time and wait till the harvest period

Yes! Fish really need your attention. There is a need for you to give them 90% attention to quality breeding.

If you can sacrifice time to feed and take care of your catfish it will surely thrive well and you make a good profit at the end of the year.

So I have also provided you with the catfish farming in Nigeria video which you can see below.

Conclusion on Catfish farming in Nigeria

Indeed fish farming business is one of the most lucrative agribusinesses in Nigeria if not the best. While some people know the truth but scared to dive into the business meanwhile if you really know your way you are going to make a good profit raising catfish in Nigeria.

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