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Cost of Rearing 100 Broilers in Nigeria

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You’ve got a passion to start up a small scale poultry business and you wish to know the cost of rearing 100 broilers in Nigeria at least if you can start from 100 pieces of chicks you would able to make a good profit upon harvesting.

I will be candid with my analysis and go straight to the main point. Note that there are many species of broilers and the prices are not the same.

Before my analysis, I would like to list out 3 most popular species of broilers and their current prices then we go on with the speculated analysis.

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What is the price of day old broiler chicks in Ibadan (Nigeria)?

Since we all know Ibadan is the home of day broiler chicks, we will be using Ibadan as our case study, by giving the latest price of Day Old broiler chicks according to their species. Below is the latest list price of a day broiler chick in Ibadan:

  1. Agrited – —- N320
  2. Sayed ——-N320
  3. Zartech —-N300
Cost of Rearing 100 Broilers in Nigeria
Day old broiler

So as you can see above, the price is not the same but we would choose Zartech as a case study and give you a full analysis for the cost of rearing 100 broilers in Nigeria.

100-day old broilers of Zartech cost:

Price per chicks = 300

Price of 100 pieces of Zartech Day Old broilers: 100 x 300 =  N30, 000

Meaning that to raise 100 broiler chicks in Nigeria you would need 30,000 Naira to purchase your day old broiler chicks only.


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Housing analysis for the cost of rearing 100 broilers in Nigeria

This is very essential especially if you’re a first-timer, you would need a cage to harbour your chicks. Note that this analysis depends on your location.

Don’t expect to get the same housing price in all states in Nigeria. Apart from the cost of materials needed, workmanship price is also different.

Let’s take Lagos as a case study here, if you meet with carpentry workers in Lagos you could see someone that will build a standard poultry house for you as low as 70,000 that will contain 100 broiler chickens.

If you plan to brood them that same place you would need to provide them with a means of heat to make feel okay because Day old broilers need heat to make them feel so active.


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You can make use of local mould pot, fill with stone light or better still, you can use candle or bulb but ensure to give proper attention during the first 7 days.



Vaccination and drugs for the cost of rearing 100 broilers in Nigeria

Don’t forget you would need to vaccinate them against Gumboro disease/ Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD), Lasota and also glucose, multivitamin to keep them strong and look so healthy.

For all these, just keep like 5000 Naira as a budget, though the prices do not vary but, 7k can take care of this aspect. Vaccinate them twice, give them glucose upon their first arrival and don’t forget their multivitamin to make eat very well.


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Don’t neglect this aspect whenever you are planning to start your poultry business either on a large scale or small scale business. This is because vaccines will prevent contagious disease from affecting your chicks or chicken.

Feeding aspect — the cost of rearing 100 broilers in Nigeria

Good feeding is equal quality chickens, you must find all means of feeding your chicks quality food so they can grow very fast and yield a standard kilogram. There are three (3) types of poultry feed which are:

  • Starter
  • Grower
  • And Finisher.

Though your combinations depend on whether you are rearing for 2 months or more than 2 months before you sell them out to consumers.


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If your plan is to raise your birds for 8 weeks, then there is no need of feeding your broilers chicks Grower. Just feed them starter for 4 weeks then follow by Finisher straight up.

But if your plan is to rear them for more than 8 weeks, then you would need to start with Starter – Grower – Finisher. With this trick, you will have high-quality broiler chickens.

Now let’s do analysis for the cost of rearing 100 broilers in Nigeria by giving their accurate food price as at 2020 updated.

  • Super starter for broiler chicks (Top feeds brand) = N 3,720.00 25kg
  • Broiler Finisher mash (Hybrib brand) = N3,600.00 25kg
  • Growers feed (Hybrid brand) = N 2,700.00 25kg

Now let’s do the calculations together. 100 Chicks will eat up 8 bags of starter, and at least 16 bags of finisher to take them to at least 2.5kg of weight.

While you would need 8 bags of starter, 12 bags of grower feeds and 16 bags of finisher feeds to take them to at least 3 months old broiler chickens.

The overall feeding analysis for the cost of rearing 100 broilers in Nigeria is;

  • Starter price (6 bags) = N 29,760
  • Growers price (12 bags) = N 57,600
  • Finisher price (16 bags)= N 32,400

The total cost of feeding 100 broiler chicks for 2 months (Starter – Finisher) = N 62,160

The total cost of feeding 100 broiler chicks for 3 months (Starter – Grower – Finisher) = N 119,760

Overall Cost of Rearing 100 Broilers in Nigeria

Following the information given above, let’s do the overall analysis Cost of Rearing 100 Broilers in Nigeria using the aforementioned pieces of information.

Broilers price = N 30,000

Housing = N 70,000

Vaccination and drugs = N 7,000

Feeding price for attaining 2.5kg/3kg = N 62,160

Feeding price for attaining 3.5kg/4kg = N 119,760

Overall Cost of Rearing 100 Broilers in Nigeria for 2 months = N 169,160

Overall Cost of Rearing 100 Broilers in Nigeria for 2 months = N 226760

How many bags of feed can 100 broilers consume?

The straight forward answer to the question How many bags of feed can 100 broilers consume are:

100 Broilers will consume 20-25 bags of feed from week 1 to 8 weeks old which you would need 20 Feeding trough to serve their feed. At this age, they would wight up to at least 2.5Kg and which is okay for harvesting.

So from 8 weeks old to 12 weeks (3 months), broiler chickens would consume 35 bags.

How long does it take broiler to mature?

Broiler chicks are often bred for meat product simply because they mature very fast. I take a broiler chick at least 3 weeks to mature and ready for consumption.

Broiler farmers start looking for sales when their chicken is 3 weeks old so it can be easily market when it up to 4 weeks old.

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Cost Of Full Grown Broiler In Nigeria

In Nigeria, a full-grown broiler is sold at N3,500 depending on your location and the live weight.  Though if you are selling to wholesalers they buy based on kilogram and one kg worth #1,300.

Like you can see the cost of full-grown broiler in Nigeria or the price of full-grown broilers in Nigeria depends on the weight and location.

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Conclusion on the cost of rearing 100 broilers in Nigeria

Like you can see above I’ve provided you with the full information to raise up 100 broilers in Nigeria. All that you need now is a guide on how to start. Meanwhile, this post from agro product reviews already explained How to take care of day old broiler chicks you can visit and learn new things.

I would also recommend this amazon book on how to start rear a successful poultry farm. In this book, you would be given step by step guide on a practical measure.

Cost of Rearing 100 Broilers in Nigeria

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What are your thoughts on this analysis Cost of Rearing 100 Broilers in Nigeria? Don’t forget to share out to friends and family.



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