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Fish farming In Nigeria: How To Start & Make Money (2020)

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Hi guys, in our today’s edition we will be talking about fish farming in Nigeria.

According to agro farmers, catfish farming has been voted among the top 10 most profitable agro-business in Nigeria.

Have you ever think of how to start fish farming in Nigeria and make a profit?  If no,  then here is the guide.

In this, my blog post is going to tell you about fish farming in Nigeria, their verities, and cost analysis to start one.

So let’s get down to business on how to start fish farming.

What is fish farming?

Fish farming in Nigeria can be defined as a process or act of rearing fish for either commercial purposes.

In other words, fish farming in Nigeria is a process of rearing fish for sale or for consumption.

How Lucrative Is Fish Farming In Nigeria?

Fish farming in Nigeria has been a very lucrative business which is been practiced all most in all part of Nigeria.

But coming to think of these people are still in search of fish every single day I think this is because of the nutrients in them.


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Fish farming in Nigeria

Types Of Fish Farming In Nigeria

Below are the types of fish farming in Nigeria which some of these fishes are not farmed in Nigeria due to our weather and climate condition. But this one that is not farmed will not be listed here.

  1. Catfish farming
  2. Tilapia fish farming
  3. Mackerel fish farming
  4. Crayfish fish farming

Cat Fish Farming In Nigeria

Catfish farming in Nigeria has been one of the most popular forms of fish farming because of the marketing ability,  high demand in-country, and The ability to convert feed to growth (feed intake conversation ratio).

This fishes grows to marketable size as fast as 3 months if well managed in a heathen pond.


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Tilapia Fish Farming In Nigeria

Tilapia fish farming in Nigeria is the second most  popular fish farming Nigeria,

The market demand for this fish is very high and this is because of the protein content of the fish.

The world production of tilapia fish is about 4.5 billion tonnes with a demand estimated value of 3.8 tonnes.


Fish farming in Nigeria

Mackerel Fish Farming In Nigeria

Mackerel is the most popular demanded fish in the whole country but so sad that it can not be farmed in Nigeria due to the condition of our water.

But the good news is that Our Professionals in this field have found the technics Used in farming this most demanded but not farmed fish in Nigeria.


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Fish farming in Nigeria

This mackerel is popularly known and eaten fish in Nigeria, which is popularly called TITUS.

If you can venture into this business with our guide then you will be a millionaire in no distance time.

Cray Fish Farming In Nigeria


Fish farming in Nigeria


Crayfish farming in Nigeria is also a boom because it grows as fast as possible, unlike other fishes which take about 3,4-5 months to mature.

Crayfish matures within a month they are ready for sale because it is best sold when they are fries.

Imagine eating a portion of food that was not cooked with crayfish how is the test.

Have you ever been to a shop where they sell foodstuffs such as crayfish and the rest? Stand there and watch out for the first five people to come and buy, four out of five must buy crayfish. That is the market demand for crayfish

At Classicfarmz we provide you with an Ebook that will give you everything you need to know about crayfish farming and also start your own.




How To Start Fish Farming In Nigeria

Fish farming in Nigeria is a very profitable business which every farmer or intending farmer will ever fish to start, below is the procedures on how to start a fish farming business in Nigeria.

  1. Land
  2. Pond construction
  3. Digging of Born hole
  4. Buying pieces of equipment
  5. Installation of overhead tank
  6. Sourcing for Juvenile or fingerlings
  7. Hiring a professional

Land Preparation for fish farming 

Getting land in any location is not a bad idea, since fish does not require much space or any environmental effect.

But it is better sourced in a place close to a stream because fish needs constant water to survive and so to save expenses for procuring of Born hole.

A half or one plot of land is okay depending on your budget, A space in your backyard is nice for a start.


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Pond Construction

Before starting your pond construction, I will advise you to hire a professional or go to an already existing pond and sick for advice on how to construct your own pond.

Types Of Pond

There are different types of ponds that are used in fish farming in Nigeria. Below are the different types of ponds.

  • Earthen Pond
  • Concrete Pond
  • Trampoline Pond
  • Tank Pond

Fish farming in Nigeria

Earthen Pond for fish farming in Nigeria 

This is the number one most preferred pond construction in fish farming fish because it is a completely natural method of farming.

The reason is that these fishes tend to survive naturally or more than in artificial mode.

Concrete Pond

The concrete pond is another method of constructing a fish pond.

This is a process whereby the blocks is been laid, cast, and plastered in a way that will hold water.

This process requires a professional in this field.

NOTE: Do not just stock your fish immediately after constructing the pond.


Call for advice


Taplin Pond

Taplin pond is another way of constructing ponds used in fish farming.

It is constructed with a quality tarpaulin that can resist any form of harsh weather.

Taplin pond is 3 most used pond used for fish farming Nigeria.

Tank Pond

Tank pond is also another type of pond used in fish farming Nigeria because it lasts for a very long time it gets a week.

ADVICE : In Constructing  your pond of any kind always try to hire a professional to avoid waste of investment or collapsing after construction. 

Digging Of Born Hole

Born hole water or river water is a very important something to consider while constructing a fish farm or hiring an already built farm.


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Buying Of pieces of equipment

Before sourcing for your fish, there are some pieces of equipment that are very important to buy before your fish arrival. These pieces of equipment are as follows.

  1. Fish feed
  2. Sorting net
  3. Fish drugs
  4. Pond treatment drugs (anti-stress)

Fish Feed

Every living thing requires food in other to grow. They are different types of feeds used in and size differs depending on their growth and size.

The sizes of fish feed are listed below

  1. 0.5 mm
  2. 1 mm
  3. 2 mm
  4. 2.5 mm
  5. 3 mm
  6. 4 mm
  7. 6 mm
  8. 9 mm

This feeds differs in company and quality which I will be listing the best among below.

  1. Copens
  2. Aqualis
  3. Aller qua
  4. Blue crown and the rest which might not be listed.

But with this feeds if fed very well I assure you that you will get the best result.

Sorting Net – Fish farming Business in Nigeria 

As the name implies, it is used for selecting the big fish from the small once.

Fish Drugs – Fish farming in Nigeria

Here we come with another important point in fish farming in Nigeria

The drugs necessary for these fishes must be bought and stored in case of any emergency to be administered to them.

I will be recommending the best dewormer medicine for you from Amazon.


Dewormer for fish


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Pond Treatment  ( Anti-Stress)  

The ponds should be treated thoroughly before stocking your fishes to prevent been kill by chemicals from the pound.

Anti-stress are drugs given to them after transporting them from the hatchery to you.

Installation Of Overhead Tank

This overhead tank is mounted up above the pond and connected with plugins directly to the pond.

It serves as a reserver in case of any sudden change in the fish behaviors.

Sourcing For Juveniles Or Fingerlings

When starting fish farming in Nigeria, getting quality fish for rearing is a bonus and one of the most difficult and heart burning mistakes a farmer must not do.

Getting quality fish to prevent a lot of things such as stunted growth, disease outbreak, and others.

We can get you a very good and fast-growing fish that can resist disease and grows massively.


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Hiring A Professional 

Hiring a professional is a very good idea because you can not just invest your money in what you don’t know.

The role of a professional is to study your farm and your fish behavior knows what is required and the right time.


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How to start a fish farming business in Nigeria

The fish farming business in Nigeria depends is the area you specialize in but all are very profitable.

Below are the fish farming businesses in Nigeria which you venture into.

  1. Fish smoking
  2. Wholesales
  3. juvenile sellers
  4. Fish hatchers
  5. Preparing fish ( point and kill)
Fish smoking

Fish smokers are those people that buy from the farm smoke them and sell at a higher rate.


These are the farmers that raise the fish from small to maturity.

Juveniles sellers 

People that engage in this are the people that buy fingerlings raise to juvenile size and sale to aspiring people in need of it.

Fish hatchers

These are the people that specialized in hatching fishes artificially with chemicals and sale them out as fingerlings or juveniles.

Preparing fish (point and kill)

These are people that buy either from the original farmers to cook and sell or buy from whole sellers to prepare them either sale to the consumers or eating.

Conclusion on Fish Farming in Nigeria

In conclusion, fish farming in Nigeria is very profitable and less stressful when done the right way.

Let me just say fish farming business in Nigeria is one of the most profitable agribusinesses in Nigeria but still, people are yet to identify this business model.  In fact it worth giving full-time attention.

Especially you hatch your self and raise them from fry (day old)  to your best kg size.

What are your thoughts on this great article?  Don’t forget to share out to other interested friends and family!

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