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How To Grow A Pineapple At Home And Make Profit 2020 Updated

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Do you want to know how to grow a pineapple at home and make a profit?  if yes here is the complete guide.

Growing pineapple is a very lucrative business because it is a fruit that aids digestion and boosts the immune system.

If you want to grow pineapples, you need to first learn about them. learning about includes the following.

How to grow pineapple at home

Pineapple Farming Facts

Here are some fast facts to know about how to grow a pineapple at home.

  • Pineapples are a type of bromeliad, which makes them a cousin to Spanish Moss, and the colorful bromeliad is commonly grown as a houseplant.
  • They like slightly acidic soils.
  • Pineapple leaves can absorb some water and nutrients; so can plant roots.
  • Pineapples grow in full sun, even in the hottest climates.
  • A mature potted pineapple plant will be several feet across and tall, and a mature plant will need a 5-gallon planting container.
  • It will take at least a year of growing to get a plant to this size.
  • You can put the pot outdoors during the summer, but you need to bring the pineapple plant inside before the first frost of fall.

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How to grow pineapple farm at home

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Pineapple  Plant Varieties

There are more than 37 types of pineapples grown across the world each with its own unique set of characteristics but for the sake of this post, I will be listing the top best performing varieties to be farmed.

Here are the ten most popular types of pineapple.

  1. Abacaxi Pineapples
  2. Queen Pineapples
  3. Red Spanish Pineapples
  4. Smooth Cayenne Pineapples
  5. Pernambuco Pineapples
  6. Mordilona Pineapples
  7. Kona Sugarloaf Pineapples
  8. Brecheche Pineapples
  9. Singapore Pineapples
  10. Panare Pineapples

How to grow pineapple at home


Terms On How to Grow Pineapple At Home

Here are the terms to consider on how to grow a pineapple at home and things to note.

Not only is growing pineapples ridiculously easy. Growing pineapple plants is possible just about anywhere in the world.
That’s because the pineapple plant is one of the few tropical fruits that are really well suited to growing in pots, and that means you can grow pineapple plants indoors.

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 What Pineapple Plant Do Not Like

When considering growing pineapple plants at home you have to consider the do’s and don’t.

  1. Soggy, waterlogged soils.
  2. Having their leaves burned with concentrated fertilizers.
  3. Frost

What Pineapple Plant Like

The following are the things pineapple love to perform very well at home.

  1. Pineapple love has been packed together in a none waterlogged area.
  2. Do not keep their leaves close to the fire.
  3. Do not frost the flowers.

Easiest Way To Start Growing Pineapple At Home


How to grow pineapple at home

Want to know the easiest way to start growing a pineapple?

The easiest way to grow a pineapple is that you can root the crown of the store of the pineapple.

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How To Grow Pineapple At Home

The following are the easiest steps to take when growing pineapple at home and also rooting the crown.

Here are the 5 best step by step guide on how to root the crown of the pineapples.

  1. Buying fresh pineapple
  2. Slicing off pineapple crown
  3. Remove leaves from the stalk
  4. Allow stalk to dry
  5. Plant plant pineapple stalk

Buying Fresh Pineapple.

You buy a fresh pineapple, you have to choose one that’s evenly ripe with a nice healthy set of green leaves at the top. This is the first step to take

Slice Off Pineapple Crown

The second step on how to grow a pineapple at home is Using a sharp knife to slice off the top of the pineapple fairly close to the crown.

Carefully cut away the rind. It’s important to remove any fruit flesh that will rot later. Then, make very thin slices in the stalk, until you see a ring of brownish dots.

These are the “root primordial,” the unformed roots that you’re about to grow.

Remove Leaves From Stalk

The third step on how to grow a pineapple at home is the removal of leaves from the stalk.

Pull off some of the lower leaves on the pineapple stalk, exposing about an inch of bare stalk.

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Allow Stalk To Dry

The fought step is to allow the stalk to dry,  Set the pineapple crown aside for a few days to allow the wound to dry.

Pineapples are susceptible to rot, so it’s important to dry out the cut end before planting.

Plant Pineapple Stalk

The fifth step is to plant pineapple stalk fill a 6 to 8 inches flower pot ( clay is best, but any pot will do ).

With a light, fast-draining mixture _ Such as a cactus potting mix or a mixture of peat, sand, and perlite.

Plant the pineapple crown about in inches deep, gently firming the soil around it.

Water Pineapple Stalk

Water the pineapple stalk very lightly, just enough to moisten the soil_ a spray bottle works well for this.

Put the pot in a bright window, and water the plant when it’s dry, just enough to keep it moist.

Don’t use any fertilizer yet. Don’t overwater the pineapple stalk.

How to grow pineapple at home

Wait For Pineapple To Root

It’ll take about one to three months for your pineapple to root.

To test the progress, gently tug on the crown to see but don’t pull hard enough to break the roots.

Repot Pineapple Plant

Once your pineapple has firmly rooted, it will begin growing new leaves from the center.

At this point, you can report the plant in a 10 to 12 inches pot, using a rich but fast _draining potting mix I have just recommended above.

After a year of growing, you can move it to its final home in a large 5-gallon planter.

What To do

Pineapples take up a lot of their nutrition through their leaves and the few months after planting they rely on their leaves.

NOTE :If you use artificial and concentrated fertilizers you will burn your pineapple,So stay away from them.

The color of the leaves of your pineapple plant will tell you how well your pineapples are doing.

If they have a reddish, purple tinge then your pineapple is starving and you should help it a bit.

Don’t panic, they are hard to kill but try to avoid that purple tinge on them in the first few months. They grow out of it.
But keep in mind that you do get bigger, tastier, and juicier fruit from a well-fed pineapple plant.

A pineapple will flower as soon as it is big enough, so the happier it is and the better you look after it the sooner it will grow.

Time To Mature

After planting a pineapple you will have to wait for six months for the fruit to mature.

Growing pineapples for fruit sure is a long term investment. The fruit is ready to pick when it starts to turn yellow.

If it looks like the fruit is getting sunburned, cut it, eat it, and plant the top.

Once you have the first few pineapples growing it gets easier and faster.

NOTE: A mature pineapple plant produces lots of offspring and the suckers and slips fruit a lot quicker.

Profitability On How To Grow Pineapple At Home


Conclusion On How To Grow Pineapple At Home

Looking at this my blog post on how to grow a pineapple at home you will find out that pineapple farming is very profitable and requires no stress in carrying out this project.

But this business is something that is yet to be discovered by most people or farmers.

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