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How To Plant Onions Sets And Make $1000 Profit

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How to plant onions set
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Have you been thinking of how to plant onions sets?  Or how to plant onions from the bulb?

And your questions have not been answered well this is a guide for you. If it has then this is a better guide for you.

Onions farming is a very troublesome kind of farming but plays an important role in our various communities.

Since onions farming is very troublesome we have decided to make it one of the easiest to raise with our guide if followed strictly.

So let us get down to business

Introduction To Onions Farming

In this introduction on how to plant onions sets, I will be teaching you everything you need to know about onions farming.

In the introduction below are the major things you need to know about how to plant onions sets.

  • Age of onions
  • Origination of onions
  • Survival weather
  • Top producing countries
  • Verities
  • Botanical name

Age Of Onions

Onion is one of the oldest crop been cultivated since about 400 BC and since then have been practiced up to today.

Origination Of Onions

Onions origination depends on the verity, but onions farming was first practiced in Egypt, where they normally cultivate this crop along the bole river.

They are no known ancestors to this crop but the center of origin is believed to be from Afghanistan and their nearby regions

How to plant

Survival Weather

These crops can survive almost in all regions or seasons of the year. It can be grown from tropical rejoin to subarctic rejoins.

This adaptation feature is because onions tend to Adapt to the difference in the lengthy changes.

Top producing countries

The following are the top producing onions countries in the world account for statistics.

  1. China_____________________________23,500,000
  2. India___________________________19,600,000
  3. Egpt______________________15,000,000
  4. Turkey_______________13,500,000
  5. Russia_____________10,700,000
  6. Iran ______________7,500,000
  7. United states___7,000,000
  8. Pakistan____5,000,000
  9. Brazil_____3,600,000
  10. Mexico___2,800,000


These statistics are based on tonnes that were recorded for the past 3 years.

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Verity of onions

Onions can be classified into different verities based on their performance and uses

  1. Sweet onions popularly known as Bermuda is best for surfing and baking.
  2. Chives: They are easily forgotten but are popularly
  3. Red onions: This is a very most popular among them all. It is best used for preparing sandwiches.
  4. Pearl onions ( bottom or baby onions?) These onions are small and really onions best for preparing meet.
  5. Sweet onion (Spanish onions), it is sometimes confused with yellow onions.  it is sweet and has a lower water intake.

Botanical Name

All the onions fall in the same scientific name which is generally called ALLIUM CEPA. 

How To Plant Onions Sets

There are several steps in which have been taken in other to know how to plant onions in sets.

This step includes the following

  1. site selection
  2. Equipment
  3. Site preparation
  4. Season for planting
  5. Seedling
  6. When to plant your onions from the bulb
  7. How to plant your onions from the bulb
  8. How deep to plant the onions set
  9. How to care for the onions
  10. Harvest of onions
  11. Storing onion

Site Selection

The first thing you have to consider before planing on how to plant onions sets is site preparation.

In this site preparation, we are going to talk about the major things we are supposed to consider in other to make a good choice in selecting site.

In that case, we have to consider the following items before deciding on the site we go to be it buying or renting.

  • Land
  • Soil type
  • A site with Excess water




The land is one of the most important things to consider when planning on how to plant onions set and make huge profits.

You and I know that there are different types of land for different kinds of plants, crops, or vegetables.

And if there is a mistake that means we will all get it wrong.

Therefore you have to take a bold step toward making this my little piece of advice.

So go for a land that is informed of an open garden without trees in it.  If there is a tree then you uproot it because onions survive in a sunny area mote than when they are covered with trees.

How to plant onions sets


Considered the type of soil that will give u the best result is a sandy loam.

But Red loamy can be used also but it is not the most preferred.

NOTE: Do not use clay soil because they wouldn’t even germinate. 

A site with Excess water

Like as earlier said, Onions do not require much water for them to survive. So a site with running water will surely kill the onions.



After securing the land the next we go for is equipment. Here is the list of equipment that will be required on getting started on how to plant onions sets.

  • onions harvester
  • Rollers
  • Belt chain
  • Bearing
  • Weedkiller

All this is important to get started.

Site Preparation

After successfully selecting your site that means you are now ready for the business.

The next thing you will have to do is the removal of grass, followed by cultivation.

Removal of grass is done in two ways

  1. By the use of chemicals
  2. By the use of hand which is Manuel

The bought options are very okay depending on you and your choice.

But I will be recommending the use of these chemicals that will kill the grasses and also kill so germs in the soil.

The best future of this chemical is that it starts killing immediately the chemical is spread.

How to plant onion seed


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Season For Planting

When we are talking about how to plant onions sets we have to consider the best time we plant so that we can get the best result.

So looking back to our explanation on-site preparation you will find out that rain is not good for onions.

Then the best season for planting onions is early winter and should be harvest getting to the end of the winter season.

It should be around the late match and early April at this time onions tend to perform better.


There are different verities of onions seeds. Which some grow to as big as weighing up to 3kg while some as small as 400g.

I know your question will be which one will be best for me?

I wouldn’t be going further to repeat the onions verities but I will be recommending this best seedling onion for you from amazon.


How to plant onions sets

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When To Plant Your Onions From The Bulbs

This is is the period when you have to plant your onions from the bulbs.it is always plated in late winter.

How To Plant Your Onions From Bulb

In trying to secure particular verities this is how to plant your onions from the bulb.

Planting your onions from the bulb is done when you cut off the bulbs and sink the tip of the onions inside the ground.

This is done when you are looking for seeds or trying to get new verities.

How Deep To Plant The Onion Sets

How deep to plant the onions set is how slow it performs.

Onions set is planted at least 1 to 2 inches below the ground in other to germinate on time.

And it is spaced about 4 to 5 inches apart to allow them to perform better.

Onions are better-planted assets than in bulb, the reason is that you won’t be afraid of any form of frost damage and there will be a higher survival rate.


How To Care For The Onions

After planting your onions the next thing to consider is how to care for the onions in other to achieve success.

Below are the ways in which your onions have to be cared for after plants

  • Onions are a leaf crop, not a root crop so they should be taking care of very well.
  • Fertilize everything 10 days in other to get big bulbs. Stop fertilizing when the onions push the soil up.
  • Onions do not need to be watered but in a completely dry season, you have to water them in other to get a big bulb.


Pest And Disease Control On how to plant onions sets.

The following are the diseases that suffer from onions that are caused by the pest.

  1. Trip
  2. Maggot

The trip is a major disease caused by pests that affect onions.

They should be treated with insecticidal soap after removing them from the onions.


Is long and shaped maggot, it affects onions performance.

When magot enters the onions it results in the onions been spoiled.

How to plant onions


  •  Harvest any onions that pull up flowers. This signifies that the onions are matured and ready to be harvested. This onions will not be good to store well but will be good to use within a short period.
  • Loosen the soil around the bulbs to fasten drying.
  • Endeavor to harvest before summertime.
  • When the onions begin to mature, the top turns yellow and starts falling off.
  • When the top turns brown pull the onions this signifies that it has matured.
  • Be sure to harvest in summer, during cool weather. The mature weather mature during fall time.

How to plant onions



  • Clip the roots turn the tops into one inch.
  • Let the onions dry for a few days, always handle them with care.
  • Allow onions to dry for several weeks before proceeding to them, they should be stored in a root cellar. Spread them in open ground to dry before proceeding to store them.
  • Store in a cool dry area of about 40F to 50F
  • Do not store together with any other fruit such as apples and pearls to avoid spoiling the others with its smell.

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Conclusion On How To Plant Onions Sets

To plant Onions sets is a very lucrative business and also very entertaining to start.

Onions are been cultured that business started with $200 will fetch you $1000 profit at the end of the cycle.


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