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How To Start a lucrative Poultry Farming in Nigeria (2020 Updated)

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poultry farming in nigeria
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Poultry farming in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative agri-business in Africa as a whole but most entrepreneurial couldn’t find it as an opportunity to make extra money on the other hand.

Poultry farming isn’t as complex as most people thought it is, you just need a comprehensive understanding of the unit you choose to operate provided that you have enough capital to raise them from younger age till harvesting.

So today, I’m going to teach you how to start a lucrative poultry farming business in Nigeria and make cool money rearing poultry birds. Not only that, but I would also still be guiding you to the process of marketing your birds online and offline for a swift profit. Let’s go!

How to Start Poultry Farming Business in Nigeria

To start a lucrative poultry farming in Nigeria you would need the steps:

  1. Poultry farming business plan
  2. Source your capital
  3. Poultry Breeds
  4. Build Poultry house
  5. Decide whether to do organic or inorganic poultry farming
  6. Buy ebook to guide you through
  7. Purchase your chicks
  8. Get feeds, feeders, and water troughs
  9. Harvest your poultry birds
  10. Marketing and profit.

This is amazing, right? Those are all that you need to run a successful poultry farming business in Nigeria. But it would be good if we elaborate more!

Poultry Farming Business Plan

Just as another business requires a business plan so as poultry farming requires it. To run a successful poultry farming in Nigeria, you would need a well-prepared business plan that will give you more insight into the business you’re about to venture in.

This should include the total capital for your investment, the types of poultry farming you’re doing (Organic or inorganic poultry farm) Vaccine you would be using, the types of breed you wish to rear, how you want their house to look like, total estimate amount of money you would need and your possible profit at the end of the year.

Also, you would need to list out all the equipment you would need at your farm, provision for unplanned scenarios, and so on. If you are a first-timer, agro product review has promised to help you with a well-prepared poultry farming business plan. All you need to do is to contact agroproductreviews, tell them your budget, and deliver to you online.

Source your capital

Capital is the fuel to the journey of setting up a standard poultry farm in Nigeria, your capital is going to tell you whether you would belong to a large scale or small scale poultry farming in Nigeria. The higher your capital, the bigger your farm (vice versa)

Do you wish to start a poultry farm in Nigeria on a large scale but the budget is not at your side? Meanwhile, there are many online platforms you can get a quick soft loan even without collateral. All you need is just to search on google, register and you get as much as you want.

You can also borrow money from your relatives, engage your self in some side hustle business, save up and start your poultry farming business in Nigeria.

Poultry Breeds

Yes! This is also important, there are many breeds of poultry birds (broilers, cockerel, Noiler, layers e.t.c)

Below are their characteristics, so you can know which one suits your intent:

  • Broilers: Mostly breed for meat production and it’s ready for harvest after 2 months from day old. They need intensive care, they consume much to feed and their meat is of the standard one.


broilers for poultry farming in Nigeria

  • Layers: Mostly for egg production though after some point in time, they are being sold for consumption. They also consume feed especially when they get to point of laying an egg and proper vaccination should be adopted.

layers for poultry farming in Nigeria

  • Cockerel: This doesn’t really need much vaccination and they eat less, unlike broilers and layers. Meant for meat production as well but reach maturity after like 6 months from day-old chicks.


  • Roosters: Rooster can be breed to serve two purposes (egg and meat production) They consume feed as well and require drugs and vaccines to thrive well.

rooster for poultry farming business in Nigeria

Build your poultry house

When planning your poultry farming in Nigeria, ensure to always add this to your plan. A good location is more preferably (a quiet and cool place that is free from predators)

poultry farming in nigeria house

A good poultry house should not face the direction of sunlight, should be ventilated on each side, have a cover at the top to prevent them from predators, rainfall, and sunlight.

There should a constant availability of water and electricity supply for maintenance and keep them healthy. You need to light up for them at night when they are still young so they can feed well. Ensure to always keep their house clean (to safe them from an outbreak of disease)

Building a standard poultry farm house should cost you nothing less than N300,000. Though it’s all depends on your location but at least for a standard one you should budget like 300k.

Organic or Inorganic Poultry farming in Nigeria

This is also an important factor to consider when starting a poultry farming business in Nigeria, organic poultry farming is adopted when you don’t really have money to spend on drugs and vaccine but if you have a good capital to start up your business then you in-organic poultry farming is best for you.

What is Organic poultry farming in Nigeria?

Organic poultry farming in Nigeria is a type of poultry farming business that involves using the herbal mixture to breed poultry birds instead of medicated drugs and vaccines. This is done with the help of herbal trees, shrubs, leaves, and fruits.

Using this method to raise your poultry birds will reduce your cost of rearing successful poultry birds which makes your profit look lucrative.

What is In-Organic poultry farming in Nigeria?

This is another different way of raising poultry birds in Nigeria that requires the adoption of drugs and vaccines to raise up your birds. Though this will cost you some special amount of money to tackle certain diseases or illnesses.

A vaccine like Gumboro, Lasota is essential to raise your birds. Also, Multivitamin, booster, glucose, and blood tonic is as paramount for breeding your birds.

Poultry Farming in Nigeria PDF (Ebook)

Poultry farming in Nigeria pdf is a very useful material you need to look for before taking any steps of start your poultry farm in Nigeria (Lagos, Abuja, Akure e.t.c) The truth is you can’t get all that you need to start raising your birds from an online source for free.

I mean the real practical guide for starting a successful poultry farming business in Nigeria is not free. If you really mean business then there is a need you purchase poultry farming book (either softcopy or hardcopy) then follow the steps by steps guide.

So before I compile this great writeup, I have done my findings and got to select the best affordable practical books to organic and inorganic poultry farming in Nigeria and they are as follows:

Buy from Amazon

Purchase your birds

day old chicks for poultry farming in nigeria

The next step for you to take is to buy healthy birds from a reliable source. Don’t fall in hands of scammers! They are everywhere willing to tap into the opportunity if you loose guard they will scam you.

This is how I used to purchase day-old broilers chicks before I got to know Agroproductreviews website;

If I meet anyone online that say they sell day-old chicks, I told them I will pay on delivery. This is where you know who is a scammer or real if they accept then go along with your transactions but if they give you silly excuss just cut the conversation with them.

In case you interested in buying from my supplier, you can contact them, tell them from Classicfarmz and ensure a swift transaction with them.

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Get feeds, Feeders, and Water Troughs

Just upon booking your chicks before their arrival, you need to get ready for their feeds, feeders, water troughs, glucose, vaccine, and clean up their brooding room. This is to avoid die minutes helter-skelter.

Ensure to set up the brooding section, fill with sawdust, and cover up with old newspaper. On the day of arrival, give them glucose or better still original honey to ease the stress they have undergone from hatchery to your farm.

The feed should be given to day-old chicks serving with feeders, and water should be served with water troughs. Always ensure there is enough feed in the feeders and water in the water troughs.

Starter mash should be given to day-old chicks (for at least 4 weeks) follow by the grower mash, then finisher mash to the adult chickens.

Don’t forget to vaccinate them against contagious diseases like Newcastle Disease (ND) Gumboro Disease using Lasota and Gumboro twice. The first vaccination should be 7 days after their arrival and make sure they drink from the water.

For effective vaccination, it is advisable to vaccinate them the second so as to ensure they all vaccinated. Those that are not opportune to drink from the first one will be able to drink from the second vaccine.

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Feed them well and whenever you suspect any strange behavior, take immediate action to make sure they are all feeling fine. The mortality rate should not be more than 13%.

Harvesting your poultry birds

A broiler is ready for harvest when they reach 2 months old though some people prefer 3 months breeding. Cockerel takes 6 months to reach maturity time while layers start laying eggs when they reach maturity time.

The best time to harvest your broiler chickens for a good profit is during a festival period or occasional breeding, the same thing applicable to cockerel while layers don’t have a specified period.

An egg is what layers produce and can be sold at any fucking time in as far you have reliable customers across the street, markets and store. You can easily sell your eggs for a good profit!

How to start cucumber farming

Marketing and Profit

Marketing is an essential tool to run your poultry farming business in Nigeria. You either employ marketers or you perform the work of marketers your self. But my advice is, employ a vibrant experience marketer for quick sales.

Marketing can be done in many ways:

  • Online marketing
  • Offline marketing
Online marketing of poultry farming in Nigeria

Online marketing involves reaching a large audience of people online which will later convert to sales. That is the use of social media to gain more sales to products.

This method is very essential especially when you’re operating a large scale farming poultry business in Nigeria. This is because the number of people using social media increasing on a daily basis!

You can contact Official Toshmoney if you ever need one.

Offline marketing of poultry farming business in Nigeria

The offline method involves contact advertisement (Face to face means) In this method, you or your marketers would need to meet up with customers convince them to always patronize you.

Meet up with market women, hotels management, house to house advertisement if possible then inform them about what you have for them. Give them a discount for a start so you can gain their heart.

Both online and offline advertisements should be done before harvesting your produce so you can have potential buyers before you harvest.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to start a poultry farm in Nigeria?

It will cost you N500,000 to start a standard poultry farm in Nigeria. This is because the housing alone will require a lot of money, the feeders, water troughs and other would be needed as well.

Though these are a one-time purchase unless it got lost or broken!

Is Poultry farming profitable in Nigeria?

Yes! Poultry farming business is profitable in Nigeria especially during the festival period when everyone would want to buy chickens ahead festival. If you really plan your poultry farm well you will enjoy making a cool profit from it.


What is the cost of rearing 100 broilers in Nigeria?

The overall Cost of Rearing 100 Broilers in Nigeria for 3 months = N 226760 while you would need N 169,160 to raise 100 broilers in Nigeria for 2 months. Kindly check our previous post for more information on how we break down the cost of rearing 100 broilers in Nigeria.

How much does it take to start a small scale poultry farming in Nigeria

To start small scale poultry farming in Nigeria you would need at last N 50,000/50k.


Conclusion on how to start poultry farming in Nigeria

Starting a poultry farming business in Nigeria is a good innovation especially when you go digital. This is because the rate at which people searching online for agro product/produce is becoming more

Meanwhile, I’ve provided you with the right information you need to start up your poultry farming in Nigeria, the feasibility study on poultry farming in Nigeria e.t.c

What are your thoughts on what I just stated about setting up poultry farming in Nigeria? Don’t forget to share with interested farmers to learn!

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