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How To Start Profitable Snail Farming Business

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snail farming business
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Snail farming business is one of the most lucrative agribusiness in Nigeria but not every one take note of this.

In this blog post i will be guiding you on how to start snail farming business starting from planning the business, siting your snail house and to the point of harvesting your snail.

Rearing of snail is not something hard, but what most people find so difficult is what they give their snail as food, how they rear them the right way for a quick growth.

I want you to understand that rearing of snail is one the most lucrative business in agriculture that doesn’t require much start up capital to start and its a little risk free. Snail can lay as many eggs as 1.5 million eggs yearly and they lay thrice in a year.

They can survive without food for more than 3 days which and go into aestivation during the dry season.

Are you ready to elevate? You can actually make thousands dollars from rearing a snail, especially if your from African country like Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and co. All you need to do is a right plug to guide you through.

How To Start Snail Farming Business

snail farming business

Starting a snail farming business isn’t something hard, but dedicating time and little cash is what you should crave for. However, to start a profitable snail farming business you would need the followings:

  1. Learn simple trick about rearing a snail farm
  2. Situate your snail house the best way
  3. Treating of snail soil before stocking
  4. Structure your snail farming business plan
  5. Decide on what type of food to feed your snail
  6. Stock as many as you can
  7. Market your snail and earn money.


Learn simple trick about rearing a snail farm

Yes every business has it own pros and cons likewise the tricky form. There is nothing bad in having an in-depth knowledge about snail farming especially if your planning to go on a large scale so you won’t really spend money unnecessarily.

I’ve met with many snail farmers and which they all narrated how far they have gone through rearing different species of snail. However there is one thing they all repeated while narrating their story.

They all concluded that;

You need to focus more on feeding your snail as at when due, dedicate time for your snail and provide security against their prey.

Well, you don’t need to stress your self searching online for article about how to start snail farming. The truth here is, all the free online resources won’t tell you exactly how to start or the step by step guide, don’t be fool by title captions.

For this reason, i’ve come up with an idea to help you through the process. There is this amazon book i bought some years back, it’s about step by step guide to starting snail farming business.

This book is a very nice one, it comprises all what you need to know about snail farming from A – Z.

Buy On Amazon

Situate your snail house the best way

Did you know you can’t just site your snail house anyhow? It has a procedure to follow which can lead to a successful snail farming if followed and can to loss if ignored.

Situating your snail house directly open to sunlight has many effects on the growth of your snail which may lead to stunted growth or even kill your snail.

Like you can see, the outer layer of snail body is covered with shell which protect against their predators. While the inner part contain a soft-like flesh that secrete water time to time for the proper functioning of snail body system.

If the shell part is broken, snail can’t survive a day. This is because all the water running through would be dried off and this lead to death. So i hope you can understand why you need to keep your snail off the sun? Good!

Snails are hermaphrodites, i.e both sexes exist in one shell.

The best place to situate your snail farm are:

  • Cool and moist environment.
  • Place that is free of pests and predators.
  • And the rest has been treated in the book above, kindly purchase and get the best hint.

Treating of snail soil before stocking

It is a professional way to treat the soil before stocking your snail so you can get rid of harmful organisms. If your planning to operate a small scale snail farming then you don’t really need chemical to treat your snail. What you going to do? Chill it’s my responsibility to guide you through.

What you do is, you boil the soil your planning to use in their house till the soil become so hot to the extent that that flame will start coming out. Let’s say 100 degree cens.

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After that, you drop it down and allow it to cool. It is advisable to keep at a very cool place and ensure it doesn’t expose to macro organism. Then you’re free to stock in your snail.

Note that this method is best for small scale snail farmers and not on a large scale because if you plan to use this same technique, how many soil will you burn to fire? The best method is to make use of chemicals to kill harmful macro and micro organism.

You are not sure of what chemical to use? Well,l that’s why I am here!

Buy from amazon


Structure your snail farming business plan

Every successful business you see out there are well planned if a business is lacking a proper plan it may not thrive well and result in loss. I’m telling you if you plan your snail farm very well you will surely make a good profit than you could ever imagine.

Now how do you your snail farm?

The first thing to consider is your start-up capital. Decide whether you’re running small scale snail farming or large scale type. If you can well define this, then you move to the next supplies to consider.

Also, the type of snail you would like to keep. Naturally, there exist three (3) types of snail which are:

  1. Achachatina Marginata
  2. Achatina Achatina
  3. Achatina Fulica.

Let me quickly brief you about them so you know which one that suits your interest.


Achachatina Marginata – Snail farming business

This type of snails lay just 6 to 14 eggs at once and four times in a year. After the snail lays an egg, it takes 2 to 4 weeks to their hatchery and about 16-18mm when the weather condition is good.

Achatina Achatina – Snail farming business

Achatina Achatina lays 80 to 360 eggs at once and can lay one to three times in a year. It takes 3 weeks to hatchery of eggs – about 8mm in diameter.

Achatina Fulica – Snail farming business

The most fast-growing snail ever exists but the flesh is very soft compared to Achatina Achatina and Achachatina Marginata. They lay 100 – 400 numbers of eggs at once and six times in a year.

After successful laying, it takes 2 weeks to hatchery — just about 4mm in diameter.

I think the above information about each species will give you insight about which to choose. Because of the profit side.

Consider a good place to site your snail. Housing is very important!

Housingprotectst snails against predators and harsh weather conditions.

Feed your snail well, market your snail,  and make your profit.


Decide on what type of food to feed your snail

Snail farming feeding

Snailshaves weak teeth (chitinous) which use to rasp on food. They like fruits mostly, pineapple, pawpaw, and other fruits are most preferred. You can as well cook delicious meals for them without adding too much salt.

They can be served spaghetti, rice, tea and also make sure to serve them water and proper checking should ensure they drink from it.

The leftover feed should be disposed of so it won’t attract predators.

Another type of feed is the well seasoned one amazon sells online.

Buy on Amazon

Stock as many as you can

Your intention will determine the number of snails to buy. If you plan to start on a large scale then I would advise you to start with 250 to 500 pieces and focus more on feeding them the right combination of food.

There are many places you can purchase your snails, amazon, afrimash, etc.

Market your snail and earn money.

Marketing in business is a very essential tool you need to make use of. Focus more on online marketing, promote your snails on agro websites, forums, and e-marketplaces.

You can run Facebook advertisements to reach more potential buyers and you earn your cool money.


Why you should try out snail farming?

Below are some reasons why you should try out the  snail farming business:

  • Snail farming does not require in-depth knowledge about animal husbandry
  • It doesn’t require much capital to start.
  • Their feedings are less affordable; you can easily feed your snail.
  • There is an available market for snail if you have a connection with the hotel.
  • Snail is an odorless animal, meaning doesn’t smell around.

Conclusion on snail farming business

Starting snail farming business is not the case like how you going to catch up being a first-time.

Like you can see, I’vee stated out what you need to be a successful snail farmer. I hope you enjoy reading through ith!

What are your thoughts on this great article about how to start a profitable snail farming business? Don’t forget to share with friends and family.

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