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Complete Vaccines And Medication for day old chicks (2020) Updated

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Do you want to start a poultry farm or practicing farmer but you don’t know the complete medication for Day old chicks then here is the guide.

Since it’s compulsory to vaccinate your chicks against contagious diseases, then it is a must to know what vaccine you give to your chicks starting from a day old.

However, correct and complete chicks vaccination help in reducing contagious poultry diseases, so there is a need for you to master the complete vaccination/medication for Day old chicks.

Dude! No matter the breed of chicks you are rearing, they all need vaccine and drugs to remain healthy and which you know no one would buy unhealthy chicken from you. And that is if it doesn’t lead to a higher mortality rate.

Let’s get a hand in work and learn the correct way to give medicine or vaccinate your day old chicks.

Complete Vaccination/medication for day old chicks

No matter the number of chicks your raising you need this complete medication for day old chicks which are as follows:

  • Glucose/Intraocular
  • Vitamins/Antibiotics
  • Anti-Coccidiostat
  • Gumboro Vaccine
  • Lasota Vaccine
  • Deworming

After this listing, I will be providing a table list of all vaccines and medication for day old chicks from day 1 to day 60 which make them 2 weeks old chickens. Let’s go!

medication for day old chicks

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Glucose as a medication for day old chicks

Glucose is best served to one Day old chick on their first day of arrival to their permanent or temporary site. This is given to them so they can regain more strength because they might have undergone some stress on their way.

There are many types of glucose you can give to them but I would recommend the one below. Tested and trusted to serve them well.

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Vitamins and Antibiotics are also an important schedule you shouldn’t overlook when planning the medication for day old chicks. Vitamin make them feel like feeding and also make their immune system more strength to fight against diseases.

The antibiotic is also as important as Vitamins. It fights against common poultry diseases and makes them feel healthy. You need to give your chicks antibiotics so they can be protected from deadly diseases.

Below are the recommended Vitamins and the Anti-biotics we advise you to buy for you chicks:

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Anti-Coccidiostat as a medication for day old chicks

Anti-Coccidiostat is used to fight against Coccidiosis in broilers production. According to sciencedirect, they said Coccidiostat is antiprotozoal agents that act on coccidia parasites by inhibiting the reproduction and retarding the development of the parasite in a host cell.

While Anti-Coccidiostats is a medicine given to broiler or chicks to fight against Coccidiostat.

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Gumboro Vaccine

You might have heard about Gumboro vaccine in chicken especially broilers production but may not know how to administer it or what exactly it works for. Meanwhile, you will hear the full gist today!

According to Agroproductreviews they said Gumboro Vaccine is a live freeze dried that act as immunization of chickens against IBDV (Infectious Bursal Disease Virus)

So this vaccine induces active immunity to prevent late infections of IBDV (Infectious Bursal Disease Virus)

You can easily purchase this vaccine from amazon by clicking the link that says buy from Amazon below.

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Lasota Vaccine as a medication for day old chicks

Lasota is a vaccine you use to prevent late infection of Newcastle disease in poultry farming. This vaccine should be given twice before the first month of your chicks.

Experts say you should give them in the first 14 days then you should give then the second vaccination after 21 days old.

Don’t play with your chicks, this vaccine is as important as the feed you give to them!

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Yes! This is also as important as vaccination you give to your chicks. When you notice any symptoms of worms in your poultry birds, it is advisable to deworm them all (This is done to safe them from worms)

Especially if your birds are layers, you would need to deworm them at the point of lay. Below are common symptoms that your chickens have worm.

  • When your chickens stop laying eggs
  • Chicken puffing while sitting
  • Bloody Diarrhoea
  • When chickens are less active.


So the best solution to this is to deworm them with our handpick recommended amazon product below.

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Now Let’s talk about administration and when to use the aforementioned

Sub detail schedule of vaccination/medication for Day old chicks

At day 1, you need to give them Intraocular/Glucose to give them more strength. Day 2-6, you would need to giv them Antibiotic/Vitamin and Day 3-7 Anti-Coccidiostats.

Day 8-9, you continue with vitamins and on the day 10th you would give them 1st Gumboro vaccine then Vitamins follow on day 11-13.

Day 14 start the 1st Lasota vaccine as well. Day 15-16 continue with vitamins while you give them ordinary water on the day 17-18. Vitamin continues on the day 19-20.

On day 21, you would give them 2nd Gumboro vaccine while vitamin follows on the day 22-23. Anti-Coccidiostats should continue from day 24-28.

Vitamin should be repeated on day 29, 2nd Lasota should as well be given to them on day 30 (When they become 4 weeks old) Day 31-33 ordinary pure water should be given.

Day 34 should be a day to deworm them (deworming), Day 42, you also need to serve them another Lasota vaccine. Day 47 water alone!

Anti-Coccidiostat should also be repeated on the day 50-54 while Maxiyield should be given on day 56, day 57-60 is for ordinary pure water.

Conclusion on medication for Day old chicks

That is all about medication for day-old chicks, in fact, I have gone beyond what you expect to meet here. This is because we don’t just write anyhow, we write from experience!

For those drugs and vaccines, we have handpicked the best product for you from amazon kindly purchase through the links under those images.

What are your thoughts on medication for day old chicks? Don’t forget to share out to other poultry farmers you know!



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