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How To Start Poultry Farming In South Africa (2020)

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Do you wish to start Poultry farming in south Africa? Meanwhile poultry farming have been a very lucrative business in this our decade, which makes every individual to think of thriving for poultry farm or thinking of how to raise a poultry chick.

Worry no more because in this my blog post am going to teach you how to start poultry farming in south Africa with an ease or less stress.

Before we go into the main topic let’s check the list of successful poultry farming companies in south Africa;

Broiler poultry farming in south

Poultry Farming Companies In South Africa

Below are my shortlisted successful poultry farming companies in south africa which I think you would find interesting:

  1. Supreme Poultry-belgie Breeders
  2. Farmkenhof Poultry Farm (Pty) Ltd
  3. Earlybird Farm (Pty) Ltd-Olifantsfontien
  4. Hy-line Chicks (Pty) Ltd
  5. Beaver Poultry Farm
  6. Astral Foods Ltd (Astral)
  7. Zenzeleni Poultry And Livestock
  8. kwazulu natal poultry institute
  9.  Inlodlovu Poultry Farm
  10. M.M Broilers South Africa

Supreme Poultry-belgie Breeders – Poultry Farming in South Africa 

Supreme Poultry is a broiler growing, processing and product sales, services and marketing division of the Country holding Birds.

Eikenhof Poultry Farm (Pty) Ltd

Eikenhof located in durbanville the Western Cape in South Africa and is part of the leading Poultry & Egg Production Industries in South Africa.

It is the first significant commercial egg producers in South Africa to convert 100% of Free Range & Organic eggs.

Earlybird Farm (Pty) Ltd-Olifantsfontien

Earlybird farm are one of south Africans biggest poultry producers but based specially on egg production.

They are located in Olifantsfontein, East Rand, Gauteng, South Africa. 

Hy-line Chicks (Pty) Ltd

This a south African based company which specially base in broiler of all kind both big and small depending on the need.

Beaver Poultry Farm

Beaver poultry is based in south Africa, They specialize in rearing of poultry birds and other live stock such as rabbit.

Astral Foods Ltd (Astral) 

Astral Foods is a leading integrated poultry producer in south Africa supplying animal feeds, broiler genetics,it is one of the largest integrated poultry producers in South Africa.

Zenzeleni Poultry And Livestock

Zenzeleni poultry and livestock is a Free and open company data in south Africa which base in broilers and egg production.

Kwazulu Natal Poultry institute 

The KwaZulu-Natal Poultry Institute is a private
poultry training facility located in PietermaritzburgSouth Africa.It was established in 1992 and dedicated to raising of poultry chicks.

Inlodlovu Poultry Farm

Inlodlovu Poultry farm is a south African based poultry farm company which based in supply of fresh egg and old layers (layers that can not longer lay eggs). It is located in natal south Africa.

M.M Broilers South Africa

M. M broilers is south african based company and one of the largest processor and marketer of chicken especially broilers in south Africa.
It is a fully integrated broiler producer that breeds and rears also.
Prior to talking about the biggest poultry farming companies in south Africa i will be guiding you on steps to start poultry a farm in south Africa,  With out waisting much time let’s dive into the business.

Steps To Start A Poultry Farm In South Africa

Poultry farming in south Africa is highly profitable so we are going to teach you the steps to start a poultry farm in south africa.

Below are the steps to start a poultry farm in south Africa.

  1. Feasibility studies in poultry farming
  2. Housing
  3. Selection of the best poultry niche
  4. Poultry Farming Equipments in South Africa
  5. Selection of day old chicks
  6. Brooding
  7. Management
  8.  Feeding

Feasibility Studies In Poultry Farming

Feasibility studies involves running a complete check on a particular business you want to go into, To know the start up cost, marketing ability of that particular products and so on. So we are talking about poultry farming in south africa.

Marketing – Poultry farming in South Africa 

Most meals in south Africa is not complete without poultry products such as egg or meat because of its protein content and for the fact that it is a white meat.

South Africa has over 90 million growing population aspiring for either egg or meat on a daily basis.

Marketing Strategies for poultry farming in South Africa 

Marketing is one of the major reasons why farmers fail poultry farming but worry no more for you will learn this after reading this article to the end.

Farmer tends to wait until their birds are ready before the start inviting farmers to come and buy, But to me that pattern is not okey.

A farmer start advertising his products 3 weeks prior to the stocking of the birds if it is broilers. You can start telling eatries around you that is face to face advert or  by the use of handbooks and flyers.


Poultry products such as broilers could be sold either live or packaged inform of frozen chicken while eggs is been sold in creates to whole sales and the laying birds are been sold as an old layer at the end of the laying cycle.


After targeting your market the next thing in line is setting up the structure.The type of structure you set depends on two factors, amount of space and capital.

The brooder house must be set in such a way that it will be air tight to avoid cold while brooding or housing the chicks.

Poultry housing system can mainly be classified into two which are ;

  1. Deep liters system
  2. Cage system

Deep Liters System

In this system of farming the chicks are been allowed to move around the hall covering the flour with saw dust.

Cage System

This system the birds are stocked in a cage where they will be allowed to access food and water without roaming around. This system is best for laying birds.

Selection Of the best poultry niche

They are different types of poultry industries which i will be listing below, Below are the different niches in poultry industries.

  1. Chicken (meat and egg production)
  2. Turkey ( for meat production)
  3. Duck (for meat or eggs)
  4. Qail (eggs and meat)
  5. Guinea fowl (meat and egg)
  6. Austriche (tourism and meat)
  7. Peageon ( entertainment and egg)

Among all this sections in poultry farming we will be concentrate on chicken product


The chicken product industry is generally sub divided into two broad branches, which is broilers for meat production and layers for egg production


Broilers poultry farming in south Africa

Broilers are meat chicken, they are known for their ability to grow fast. Broilers grows to slaughter as early as 6 weeks. They can’t lay eggs like layers.

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What is poultry farming in south Africa

Layer  are birds that are kept specially for laying eggs. Layers stays about 16 to 20 weeks before they start laying eggs. This birds lays for a year and six months before they are been sold out as old layers

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Poultry Farming Equipments in South Africa 

Below are the important required poultry farming Equipments in south Africa

  1. Feeders
  2. Drinkers
  3. Heaters
  4. Charcoal
  5. Gas heater
  6. Lightening system
  7. Creates
  8. Cages

Feeders for poultry farming in South Farming

It is a plastic material used in feeding poultry birds it could be made of different shapes and sizes. It is a compulsory equipment before the birds.

Poultry farming Equipments in south Africa


It is also made of plastic used in giving water to the is a must that the drinker must be ready before the birds arrive in the farm.


Poultry farming Equipments in south Africa


Used to provide heat for the birds or as a source of   heart during brooding.


Use to provide heat during brooding


This is  mainly for layers once they start laying to arrange the eggs to avoid breaking. Note that eggs are been sold in creates.

Gas heater

Used to provide heat for the birds.

Lightening system

There must be always 24hrs lightning system in other for the birds to source for feed and water to grow fast.

Selection Of Day Old Chick

In selecting your day old chicks you have to make sure that you know the source of the birds because of them do not grow very fast.

The following are the list of best day old chicks to be selected for rearing.

  1. Ross 308
  2. Cob 500

This two above is the best species of broilers after a practical analysis and comparisons.

Ros 308

Ros 308 is an Israel based variety which is know for their fast growth and massive weight gain. Which enable them to attain 2kg life weight at 4 weeks. This birds are strong and can easily withstand any kind of temperature.


What is poultry farming in south Africa

Cob 500

Cob 500 is also a very good variety of broiler because the grow very fast and posses good height and attain a live weight of 2kg at 4 weeks. This attributes makes them unique to other species.


Brooding house is a place where birds are been kept for the first 14 days after been brought back form the hatchery.

Things To Consider During  Brooding Or Constructing A Brooder house – Poultry farming in South Africa 
  • A brooder house must be at  least 60 to 70% hot.
  • It should be covered all the time to avoid high mortalities which could be as a result of cold.
  • They should be vaccinated at the seventh day of thief arrival.

Mean while during this brooding there is always continues feeding and administering of drugs and vaccine  in other for the birds to survive.


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In other to be successful in poultry farming there must be a very good management system which includes.

  • Management of liters- This includes changing of the saw dust at due time.
  • Disinfecting the brooder before the chicks arrival.
  • Giving them good water for drinking
  • Bio security measures which includes putting on shoes specific for entering the chicken department.
  • Disinfecting the leg dip and so on.


Feeding is one of the most under rated but difficult aspect of poultry farming. Always try to feed your chicks with quality feed in other to get the best result.

You can easily consult our team Here for guide on best feed formulation,  method of getting the best result Or buy our Ebook

Is Poultry Farming  Profitable in South Africa? 

Is Poultry farming profitable in south africa? The answer is Yes. Because with a total investment of 500 rans you will be expected to get 1500 rans at the end of the year. With every thing been equal.


Poultry farming in south Africa has been one of the most profitable but underrated business in south Africa, because of the continues steady demand in poultry products such as eggs and meat.

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What are your views in poultry farming in south africa?  You can also like and share to friends and family who will find this post useful.

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