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Wheat Farming In Canada: How To Start & Make $5000 Profit.

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Hello fellow farmers this post will serve as a guide on how to start a wheat farming in Canada, UK, and US. Since the demand for wheat is everywhere, would you like to start profitable farming like wheat?

Wheat cultivation is not that popular or familiar to some farmers while some know that but don’t know how to start.

Products Gotten From Wheat

People patronize products gotten from wheat and these products include

  • Biscuit
  • Cookies
  • Spaghetti
  • Noodles
  • Bread

There are other local delicacies that depend solely on wheat which is wheat offal.

So starting a wheat farm in Canada is a bonus because you will make huge money from it.

This article will guide you on the steps to start a wheat farm in Canada.

Wheat Farming In Canada

The following are the steps to take when starting wheat farming in Canada.

  • Writing a business plan
  • Site selection
  • Wheat seed Verity
  • Seed selection
  • Wheat Type
  • Planting and post-planting
  • Harvesting

Writing A Business Plan

In starting a wheat farming in Canada the first thing you will need is a business plan in other to succeed. You can read the wheat farming business plan

It will help you to know where you are targeting and know what you are up to.

Site Selection

Site selection is the second thing to consider after writing down your business plan.

Before that, you have to note that wheat those not grow in any environment.

While wheat farming in Canada is not that popular it is farmed in an area well filled with loamy soil.

Wheat grows in an area well drilled with loamy soil and also it grows better in a wet winter environment, in a dry summer close to the Mediterranean of the southern climate.

One of the requirements of wheat farming in Canada is rainfall.

The range of rain required in wheat farming is about 600mm -1300mm but when it gets below this range irrigation is required in other to replace rainfall.

Wheat does not grow fast or survive in a land that is acidic.


Wheat farming in canada

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Seed selection

After the site preparation has been selected and ready for planting, the next thing in line is the selection of seed.

The reason for seed selection is that when you select the best seed you will be in a better position because the wheat will grow faster and better.

But before selecting this wheat seed you will have to decide your purpose for this seed.what you want to use it for or what your intended market wants to use it for.

Wheat Seed Variety

There are different types of wheat seeds available in the world today, in which there are different varieties available in a different area.

The varieties are different from each other interns of characteristics and also yield.

Below are the different types of wheat seeds in which you will have to select from.

  • Hard white wheat
  • Soft white wheat
  • Durum
  • Hard red spring
  • Soft red winter

Hard white wheat

Hard white wheat seed is the seed that contains one of the highest percentages of protein and is used in good required size.

wheat farming in canads


Soft White Wheat

Soft white wheat contains one of the lowest percentages of protein and is best used in baking goods such as crackers, cookies pastries, and cakes.

Durum Wheat

Durum wheat seed survives primarily in California and some parts of Dakota. It has a high protein content that is perfect for pasta.

Hard Red Spring

Hard red spring comes to the northern states. It is called aristocrat wheat. It is great for designer pieces of bread and bagel.

Soft Red Spring

Soft red spring is found mainly in the Mississippi River. the main users are cookies makers. It is great for cookies, pretzels, and crackers.

Wheat types

Below are the various types of wheat seed farming in Canada which you will have to select from.

  • HW 5207 (COW3)
  • HD 3171
  • HD 4728 (puss Malawi)
  • HD 1605 (pusa ujala)
  • HI 8759 (pusa tejas)

HW 5207 (COW3)

It has a high degree of resistance to leaf, yellow, and stem rusts. It posses the gene Lr24+Yr15. It usually gives an average yield of 5.09t/ha it is best suited for short winter conditions.

HD 3171

This variety is popularly known for the resistance to brown, yellow, and black rust both under natural and artificial conditions after three years of their testing.

HD 4728 (puss Malawi)

if you want to start wheat farming in Canada for the sole purpose of getting high yield I advice you to go for this variety because it gives a very high yield in an average of 6.52 tonnes/h.

HD 1605 (Pusa Ujala) 

This variety is very known for the ability to resist brown and black rusts and it has a very good level of resistance to footrot disease, flag smug, and leaf blight.

HI 8759 (Pusa Tejas)

This wheat varieties major characteristics is the ability to resist rust. It is a high yielding variety with an average of 6.7t/ha and a potential yield of 8.6t/ha. It is a due purpose variety most suitable for making pasta, chapatti, and other native foods.


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Planting And Post Planting

After the site has been selected, the land has been cleared, and seed selected we will have to proceed to plant and post-planting on wheat farming in Canada.

Wheat is always planted during dry season around November and December. The reason is that harmattan does not support weed growth during this period.

So when wheats are been planted this time, before weed start growing the during the raining season the will be matured already and the weed will not have side effects in them.

Wheats are been planted idea manually or mechanically, but most people practice mechanical methods.

The mechanical method requires the use of hole and shovel in digging trenches then put in the seed and cover it.

While the manual method involves the use of a wheat drill machine. This is the method practiced by most farmers.

After planting,  the wheat the next step to take is taking care of the wheat in other to ensure maximum yield and prevent an increase in productivity.


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The next step is watering, the wheat farm should be watered regularly if there is not enough rainfall.

Another thing that will boost the growth of the wheat is the application of fertilizer. The fertilizer should be applied twice before harvesting.

Always keep in touch with your farm to know how the kinds of wheat are performing and also visit the agricultural stores for advice.

In other to be successful in wheat farming in Canada you have to take note of how to apply fertilizer.

Fertilizer should be applied using 50:40:40 from the first week then the formula should be repeated after 6 weeks. But this ratio will be 50:0:0.


Conclusion In Wheat Farming In Canada

Wheat farming in Canada has been a lucrative business in which most farmers have not discovered the Profitability in this business.

So on my conclusion on wheat farming in Canada, I will like every farmer or intending farmer in Canada to start wheat farming Canada because it is a lucrative agro-business that most people don’t know about.



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